Why Become an Electrical Engineer

Why Become an Electrical Engineer? Of the varied careers that are out there you may wonder why you should put the time, effort and money into training to become an electrical engineer, however there is scarcely a better career for surviving the recession and taking you forward. Read on to discover just why being an electrical engineer is a sought after employment.

What is an Electrical Engineer? There are many facets to the job but mainly an engineer will be responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of electrical control systems. You may only want to work on the maintenance of domestic installations or you may want to work within a sub-station or with green energy, helping to design and generate green energy powered installations for the future. There is always the opportunity to complete further training that will enhance your employability and enable you to transfer your skills either to the commercial or industrial sectors.

What Skills Will I Need? There are many training programs available which can be completed on a part time or full time basis. Ideally you would choose an establishment that is approved by the City & Guilds and/or an independent body such as the NICEIC. Ask the college or institution about their pass rate and ensure they offer a good range of electrical training qualifications such as the NICEIC Part P which is essential for anyone working in a domestic environment; ECS Health and Safety which is another vital part of the job as well as more specialist courses such as an Electrical Design Course and Fundamental Inspection.

Where Would I Get a Job? Some electrical engineers are self employed, allowing you the freedom to work at your own speed and having the achievement of setting up your own business. However, just one look at the job market today reveals a shortage of qualified and experience electrical engineers in a variety of industries. The BBC reported back in October that there is a chronic shortage of engineers in the UK; female engineers are particularly under-represented. There are many opportunities for electrical engineers to work in the marine industry, agricultural, manufacturing, IT companies, chemical, civil, energy, medical research and development companies. The future at the moment is green and companies are desperate to hire electrical engineers who have experience in this sector. As the green energy industry is growing, so are the jobs and there just aren't enough engineers to fill the demand.

There is also growing demand in robotics, telecommunications and digital technology. Working Abroad Electrical engineers feature on the skills shortages list of many countries including Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand which provides a fantastic opportunity to live abroad, either temporarily or permanently whilst gaining vital experience. If this sounds like the career for you but you lack the qualifications then give us a call and see what we can do for you. This could be the first step to a fulfilling and rewarding career.