A tidal power station in the Pentland Firth between mainland Scotland and Orkney has broken the world record for electricity generation, the company behind it has announced.

The tidal flows between the Atlantic and the North Sea could potentially power nearly half of Scotland’s entire electricity needs.

August at the tidal power station proved to be a world record month, providing enough energy to power 2,000 Scottish homes from just two turbines.

And it is claimed that the performance of the station was likely to improve.

In 2014, it is claimed that about 1.9 gigawatts of electricity could be harnessed by tidal power plants in the Pentland Firth, equivalent to about 43 per cent of the total used in Scotland. Previous estimates had varied between one and 18 gigawatts.

“The Scottish Govern claims that by supporting projects like this one, which provide clean, predictable, home grown power, it can help fight climate change, strengthen our energy security and drive further job creation in sustainable industries.”