The Future of Electrical Engineering

The overall outlook for the field of electrical engineering is very good. In the next seven years it is projected that there will be about 1.86 million jobs opening up that will require some type of engineering skills. Out of these, another 87,000 per year are going to require degree qualifications or specialist skills acquired by taking part p courses or other similar certifications.

Growth in the Industry

At the moment it is estimated that only about 46,000 people graduate with electrical engineering degrees. Given the fact that even fewer people continue on to receive more advanced electrical training and complete certifications such as the NICEIC Part P course, it is safe to say that electrical engineers are going to be very much in high demand.

For anyone looking to start a new career or change the direction of their existing career, electrical engineering is obviously a great choice. However, you can make sure have the advantage by tailoring your electrical training to meet the new modern demands of today’s world. While all types of electrical engineers are in demand, the field is expected to grow in large leaps over the next decade, branching out into different disciplines.

Alternative Energy

For instance, as alternative forms of power become more and more the wave of the future. There will be a large increase in the need for electrical engineers that specialise in wind power conversion, solar power conversion, and other similar projects.

In fact, solar power and green building engineering are both expected to be the subject of intense growth. Therefore, taking the opportunity to complete training in any solar power or green power sources will only help increase your chances of landing a top job in the future.

Career Prospects

Once qualified, future engineers are going to become responsible for creating the innovations that will help launch the new green building revolution. Not only will they create them, but they are also going to be primarily responsible for integrating them into the new buildings. As net-zero buildings become more popular in large cities and small cities alike, all areas of the world are going to be looking for specialised electrical engineers that can meet their demands. Most energy services are about finding the best clean alternative energy and at the core of those discoveries will be engineers.

Of course, even in the face of all this growth there will still be a great need for electrical engineers that can maintain and continue to apply new technology to existing electrical systems. For this reason, all types of electrical engineers will be needed.

With this in mind, electrical engineering is one of the top fields to consider pursuing a career in and will continue to be a smart career choice for anyone interested in learning the ins and outs of energy. With so many different branches, electrical training is a sure fire way to a career with a high potential.