The Effects Of The 17th Edition On The Industry

Anyone who is currently involved in the repair, maintenance or installation of electrical fittings in the UK should view attending a 17th Edition training course as essential. For instance, if they intend to go on to complete the City and Guilds qualification, they will need to be formally certified and thus be fully compliant with the current regulations regarding wiring.

The IET Wiring Regulations 17th Edition is the benchmark and therefore the official standard for the UK. It's a legal requirement that every new installation conforms exactly to the specifications laid down in these rules. If adaptations, replacements, extensions or repairs are made to existing wiring, they too must conform to the latest standards set out in the 17th Edition.

As the previous wiring regulations were in place for around 17 years, the 17th Edition certainly has a lot of ground to cover. And, all those who are involved in the electrical industry must be fully conversant with all the new regulations, as many of them will affect even the most basic installation of household wiring. It is arguably those who have been in the business for a while who will get the most out of a 17th Edition course.

The IET Wiring Regulations book is, quite simply, the bible of the industry and is a major reference source used by electricians employed in every sector of the industry. The 17th Edition includes not only a huge number of both massive and subtle amendments relating to how repairs and electrical installations should be carried out but, the actual structure of the book has also been altered.

The idea behind this change was to simplify the structure of the book. Streamlining it and providing an easy to use guide that would simplify the understanding of these new rules, which are now in place within the industry. It has been suggested that the majority of electricians do not need to know every bit of information provided. However, they do need to know where they can find the information quickly and easily. The way the book is structured now, enables them to do just that.

Those who attend an electrical course on the 17th Edition will be able to use the new book much quicker than simply sitting at home, reading through it and trying to find and decipher all the new information themselves. It isn't easy to suddenly change the way you do something after years of practice. The course takes this into consideration, making the whole process of change a lot easier for professionals.

Self employed electricians especially need to be up to date. This allows them to be able to inform their customers of all the new changes and how it will affect them. For example, the fact that electric sockets are now allowed in bathrooms, provided they are at least 3m away from the edge of any water source such as a shower or bath, is something many consumers are unaware of but, is perhaps something they would consider if they were fully informed.