Part 1: Changes in part 1 have been kept to a minimum.

Part 2: There have been a number of changes.

  • Discrimination has been replaced with selectivity.
  • OCPD, Protection of a device by overcurrent co-ordination between that device and a overcurrent protective device

Part 3: Changes to part 3 have been kept to a minimum because a new version of the international document will be published shortly.

Part 4: Has been aligned with the CLC Harmonised document.

Part 5: Numerous changes have been introduced. Some of which are listed below.

  • Requires a label to be fitted for every RCD, not just at the origin.
  • Regulation 521.11.201 requires adequate support for all wiring systems.
  • A new regulation covering shock protection has been introduced.

Part 6: This part has been aligned with CENELAC harmonised document.

Part 7: A significant restructure of part 7 has been undertaken in line with CENELAC structure.

Appendices: The new appendix 17 dealing with energy efficiency has been introduced. This is an informative appendix. Appendix 17 covers; Lighting ; Metering ; Cable losses ; Harmonics ; Transformer losses and Power Facto correction