Smart Metering

In an effort to reduce energy consumption and meet carbon targets, the UK government has committed to rolling out smart meters for businesses and homes across the country by the year 2020. A major energy infrastructure project in the UK, the Smart Metering Implementation Programme will see the replacement or upgrading of over 50 million electricity and gas meters across England, Wales, and Scotland.

Historically, smart metering in the UK has been dominated by programmes targeted at larger energy users – those with a meter profile class of 05-08. Government programmes have facilitated installation of smart and advanced metering for these users, for example, as far back as the 1990’s. Current initiatives for this meter profile class include Ofgem code change P272, which mandates all advanced meters are settled on Half-Hourly data from 2017 onwards.

DECC’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme (‘The Programme’) shifts the focus away from large energy users and towards smaller businesses and domestic energy users. For electricity, this includes those with meter profile class 01-04; for gas it includes meters using 732 MWh or less annually. While DECC was absorbed into the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy in July 2016, its Smart Metering Implementation Programme is expected to continue on as planned before the departments merged as the ‘foundation stage’ has been completed.