RCD Protection

Examples of the situations where BS 7671 requires RCD protection to be provided:

Application Requirement Guidance on the RCD to be used Regulations No.(BS7671)
General purpose socket-outlets Socket-outlets not exceeding 20A to be RCD protected unless omission of RCD is permitted 30mA* 411.3.3
Mobile equipment at not more than 232 A for outdoor use RCD protection is required 30mA* 411.3.3
Cables concealed in walls or partitions, less than 50 mm deep and not mechanically protected or have earth sheath RCD protection is required 30 mA* 522.6.202
Rooms containing a bath or shower All low voltage circuits serving the location and passing through Zone 1 and/or Zone 2 not serving the location to have RCS protection 30 mA* 701.411.3.3
Agricultural/Horticultural premises Socket-outlets not exceeding 32A
Socket-outlets for pitch
30 mA*
100 mA*
Caravan parks Socket-outlet for pitch 30 mA*
Multi-pole device
Caravans/motor caravans Where Automatic Disconnection of Supply (ADS) is used RCD to be employed 30 mA*, interrupting all live conductors 721.411.1
*The RCD should have a rated residual operating current (IΔn) not exceeding 30 mA and an operating ti8me not exceeding 40 ms at a residual operating current of 5 5IΔn (Regulation 4151).