Level 3 in Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker

Level 3 in Electrotechnical Services Experienced Worker

Course: In-Service Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment

Duration: 3 – 6 months
Price: £1680 inc. VAT
Assessment: Portfolio, from site.
Requirements to follow this route: Candidate must have completed one of the following: C&G ‘A’ Certificate, C&G ‘A’ Certificate plus ‘B’ Certificate, C&G 2360 Part 1, C&G 2360 Part 1 plus Part 2, C&G 2351 L2 or L3, C&G 2330 L2, C&G 2330 L2 plus L3

This assessment route is designed solely for those experienced persons who are/have been working in the electrotechnical industry as practising electricians for a minimum of 5 years, and who can demonstrate their technical knowledge, performance and competence to the industry standards at Level 3 and in line with the current edition of the IET wiring regulations (BS7671).

Candidates must also be able to provide sufficient valid and authentic evidence from site of their previous work to demonstrate that they can fully meet the performance requirements within each unit of this qualification.