Initial Verification and Certification course

Although the global financial crisis is behind us, the fact is that the job market is not very attractive these days. The good news is that there are certain professions that are still popular and wanted and being an electrician is one of them. If you are interested in becoming a trained electrician, you will need to take certain courses. The more courses you finish, the greater the chances to find a job. One of the most popular courses specially designed for electricians is the initial verification and certification course.

This course is also known as Inspection and Testing. EAL 4337. and its basic goal is to help electricians who are already working, but have no experience in practical inspection and testing since they got the certificate. It is also useful for electricians who want to update their knowledge and skills before trying to get another qualification. The initial verification and certification course is quite useful for people with no or limited experience in the area of occasional inspection of electrical installations like those who are focusing on this industry and worked in some other engineering areas or those who were part of allied trades operations.

This course has a specific structure that provides thorough representation of the electrical installation testing regulations with special focus on: testing procedures and inspection procedures and methods; all the things related to the testing and inspection process, conditional survey report preparation etc.

In order to become part of this training course, you will need to be a practicing electrician. You also need to possess certain level of practical experience which will be tested. All the candidates must be familiar and have a practical knowledge of BS7671. This knowledge is usually acquired by taking the popular 17th Edition Wiring regulations course. It would be better if they have knowledge in the amendments (three amendments of the aforementioned wiring regulation). Finally, each candidate should have some sort of electrical qualification like the C&G 2351, 2365, 2330 Level 3.

A course that is related to this one and is often taken together is the Award in the In-Service inspections and Testing of Electrical Equipment. One of the reasons why so many people are interested in this specific course is the fact that once you become qualified in this area, you will get a chance to upgrade your knowledge and qualifications even more. The Initial Verification and Certification course provides you a chance to make significant progress into employment or to get some other reputed qualifications such as Level 4 award in the Design and Verification of electrical installations and Level 3 award in periodic inspections and testing and certification of electrical installations.

What is important to know is that the course promises excellent return of investment because it can open up many doors for those who have finished it successfully and on top of that it doesn’t last for a long period of time.