Choose the right dimmer switch for your LED

When choosing LED lights, you need to be aware that some models can only work if a dimmer switch is installed to operate them: "Unlike incandescent lamps, specific types of LEDs (light emitting diodes) need to be selected if dimming controls are to be used.

"At present, a European standard is being developed for the dimming of LEDs and the specification of the lamps, but this is still some way off.

Therefore, anyone fitting LEDs to their property will need to match the dimming control to the LED being used. Most of the time the dimmer required will be relatively new to the market, but it is important to do your research and check.

Widespread adoption of LED lighting in commercial buildings could well be on the horizon, as more tools become available to building management teams and technical improvements gather apace that make such installations more cost-effective long-term and more affordable short-term.

The reason why LED lights could become a more common feature in commercial buildings and applications is because of a growing 'smart building management' market - as well as the sustainable, long-term cost-effective benefits that LED lighting brings.

The convergence of building automation and information technology that is transforming the facilities management industry - and helping define the smart buildings market - presenting a significant opportunity for deployments in LED applications.

And that means that applications such as lighting management systems - automatic, centrally controlled systems that close off lighting when not in use, either in unoccupied rooms and at night - are resulting in more LEDs being adopted, and a three-fold benefit for business.