BS 7671:2018 Further Possible Changes - Section 753

The scope of Section 753 will be extended to apply to embedded electric heating systems for surface heating. They also apply to electric heating systems for de-icing or frost prevention or similar applications, and cover both indoor and outdoor systems. These include heating systems for walls, ceilings, floors, roofs, drainpipes, gutters, pipes, stairs, roadways and non-hardened compacted areas (for example, football fields, lawns). Heating systems for industrial and commercial applications complying with IEC 60519 and IEC 62395 are not covered.

The designer will be required to provide appropriate information about approved substances in the surroundings of the heating units. For wall heating systems the standard contains additional requirements to protect against the effects of overheating. In the case of heating units that are delivered from the manufacturer without an earthed conductive shield, a suitable conductive covering, for example, a mesh metallic grid, with a mesh size of not more than 3 mm for wall installations, shall be provided on site and connected to the protective conductor of the electrical installation.

New - energy efficiency

The worldwide need to reduce the consumption of energy means that we have to consider how electrical installations can provide the required level of service and safety for the lowest electrical consumption. The draft looks at how enable a client to specify the level of energy efficiency measures applied to an electrical installation. Installations can also be awarded points, just like appliances, for energy efficiency performance levels, for example, transformer efficiency.

The new section will cover several energy efficient areas, such as electric vehicles, lighting, metering, cable losses, transformer losses, power-factor correction, and harmonics.