One of the most obvious solutions is public chargers installed on pavements, of which there are an increasing number in the UK. Yet there may be limits to how much extra “pavement furniture” local authorities will allow. To overcome this problem, a German company is converting lampposts in some London boroughs.

Induction pads

Another possibility is induction charging, in which an electric car can power up its battery from a pad under the vehicle. This pad would be connected to the electricity network, and could potentially be located on/in the street.

Battery swapping

One unconventional idea is to replace a flat battery with an entirely new, fully-charged one. The old battery can then be recharged at leisure and reused at a later date.

Petrol stations

Energy companies such are already installing rapid chargers for electric car batteries at petrol stations. Supermarkets are also expected to become charging hotspots.

At work

Plugging in an electric car during the working day. But this will have an impact of the employers in term of cost.