17th Edition Wiring Regulations Amendment 3

18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Course: 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations

The 18th Edition Wiring Regulations electrical training course is designed for practising electrical engineers, electricians, and those working in related trades who are required to demonstrate their proficiency for or update their understanding of the IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations.

Our 18th Edition course includes the most current information and is an effective method for ensuring that all electrical work carried out by electrical engineers complies with the latest IET publication.

Best industry practices require everyone who performs electrical installations, repair, or maintenance to undertake and pass the 18th Edition exam.

WA Electrical Engineer Training offers you and your staff the opportunity to undertake the updated 18th Edition course under the tutelage of fully-qualified and experienced electricians who are currently active in the electrical sector.

The 18th Edition Course:

  • Is suitable for those presently working as electrical engineers (or those wishing to work) in the domestic, commercial, and industrial sectors.
  • Is appropriate for electrical engineers who require updated training.
  • Covers everything needed to know for full compliance with modern wiring regulations.

Who is the 18th Edition Course for?

  • Electricians currently working in the domestic, commercial or industrial sectors, whether self-employed or working on contract
  • Electrical workers who need to update their 18th Edition training and qualification.
  • Electrical contract Managers
  • Architects, design consultants, council workers, and those working in industries which align closely with the electrical installation field and would benefit from updating their knowledge of 18th Edition Wiring Regulations

Why Choose WA Electrical Engineer Training?

With a reputation that precedes us as a leader in the industry and a cumulative exam pass rate of 97%, WA Electrical Engineer Training's electrical courses have proven time and again why we are a favourite in the North West and the UK.

Whether it be in a group setting at our state-of-the-art training centre, we offer all our learners the opportunity to choose the learning environment which best suits their learning style when studying the materials for our electrical courses.

Our electrical training courses afford our students unfettered access to our highly-proficient instructors and tutors, each of whom draws upon their extensive theoretical knowledge and current work experience in the electrical engineering industry to deliver the most up-to-date regulatory information.

Every learner is provided with the opportunity to receive extra support from their tutor via email while studying for their electrical examination. This additional tutelage has proven to not only be a favourite learning tool amongst our electrical training course attendees, but it is a key facet in our overall examination pass rate of 97%.

At WA Electrical Engineer Training>, we believe in providing our learners with every opportunity to succeed. To that end, we offer our current students website access to past sample examination papers prior to undertaking their own examination paper.

Additionally, we ensure our learners know what to expect during their examination by offering access to sample examinations online. Our online practice examinations are intuitive and user-friendly, having been designed specifically for those with little to no experience using computers.

Each of our online examinations is created in a similar fashion to the City & Guilds and EAL electrical exams. Practice exams may be undertaken as many times as desired to glean the most benefit and achieve maximum content retention.

This link may be followed to undertake an online practice examination from the comfort of one’s own home: electricalonline.org

Each of our electrical training courses is tailored to allow instruction for either individuals or large groups, allowing us the ability to cater to any size of learning audience, from self-employed electrical engineers to local councils to large installation companies.

The 18th Edition Course has been explicitly designed to develop and enhance the learning, comprehension, and retention of the principles of working with electricity.

Feedback from previous attendees has consistently reinforced the following:

  • The outstanding professionalism and instruction by our tutors
  • Our instructors are exceptionally qualified as they are able to call upon their present-day experience of operating in the modern electrical engineering industry
  • Our course subjects are explained clearly and in great detail, eliminating all vagueness - leaving no concept undiscussed

Lastly, while we boast an overall examination pass rate of 97%, we would like to highlight our 100% pass rate for this particular course under the 17th Edition. This is a spectacular achievement for both our students and the faculty of WA Electrical Engineer Training.

We look forward to your attendance as we strive to achieve the same results with our 18th Edition Wiring Regulations Course.

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